Tite Barbuzza

I am a Graphic Designer. I've studied at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, in Mendoza, Argentina.

My professional career began in Buenos Aires in 1988_ as a freelance for record companies and rock & pop management agencies. I've designed images for rock 'n roll and pop groups. Soda Stereo's "Doble Vida", GIT's "Primera Sangre", Richard Coleman's Fricción "Para Terminar", etc. Soda´s logo _a human profile so easy to remember and copy_ it's maybe my more emblematic job in Latinamerica.

By that time my relations with musicians and fashion and show designers, with photographers journalists and artists were very prolific and continues to today as very rich friendships. Buenos Aires was underground all over. No computers neither digital photography.

I've moved to Los Angeles in  1989. Among other jobs i've worked as a TV producer and writer, where I've met director Dago González_founder od  Veneno Inc. and responsible of Madonna's live shows amongst other great pop artists.

In the 90's I've moved to Barcelona for 12 years. The Digital Revolution welcame me.

During the post-olimpic crisis, adn with a bunch of friends, I've edited a fanzine called Snack. I've continued studying Digital Arts at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, I've published in ACTAR _a very well known art, architecture and design editorial_ the book "BCF: Barcelona Club Flyers", visual eye candy that documented the boom of electronic music in Barcelona between 1993 y 1999.

I collaborated as a designer for three years with Sónar, Advanced Music and Multimedia Art festival of Barcelona, under the direction of Sergio Caballero and Albert Claret.

I also co-edited B-Guided Magazine_avant-garde fashion, architecture and design guide_ directed by Argentinean designer Juan Montenegro. With the magazine, I investigueted the relation between image and music in all its formats.

In fashion, I collaborated with GGrippo, designer of  trash-a-porter brand and creator of FashionLaband NYDesignroom in New York, and with the French  JinSunPark and XD Style. Also, in Barcelona with Circuit BCN, an event about fashion, art and music, directed by the Brazilian designerPaula Feferbaum.

Beginning in 2004 in Argentina, I've continued with cultural projects in the music, art and design fields (Gondwana, Space Garage, Tiffy Crawford, Natalio Faingold, CCEBA Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires, Fundación del Interior with the curator Wustavo Quiroga; ED Contemporáneo, Guón! Colección de Diseño Mendocino, and collaboration with the edition of the books C/Temp Arte Contemporáneo Mendocino and Feria de América: Vanguardia Invisible).

After having took Postgraduate Studies in Communication and Wine at theUniversitat Internacional de Cataluña, I've designed an organic vineyard and my own wine in Mendoza, with Mike Barrow and the oenologist Patricio Santos.

I work as an art director, editor and designer.

tite_piensaVisual Communication, dirección de arte, edición. Proyectos gráficos, web y audiovisuales para clientes propios, agencias de publicidad y estudios de diseño y comunicación. Diseño gráfico.

Áreas de cultura, arte, moda y música, medios tradicionales e interactivos.